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Brian Yuen – BNI Featured Speaker – April 27th, 2017

Join us this Thursday, April 27th at Mahony & Sons Stamps Landing from 11:30am – 1:30pm for our weekly networking meeting. This weeks featured speaker is Brian Yuen, our chapter director consultant! Brian will help you see how BNI follows the philosophy of Givers Gain!


Pamela Haaf – BNI Featured Speaker – April 6th, 2017

Join us this Thursday, April 6th from 11:30am – 1:30pm at Mahony & Sons Stamps Landing for our weekly networking lunch. This week’s featured speaker will be Pamela Haaf of Kin To You, Mobile Exercise Rehabilitation.

Pamela has four years studying Kinesiology and Nutrition at UBC plus five years working as an Active Rehabilitation and Personal Training specialist. She is confident and capable in helping you reach your goals and return to your normal state.

Taking a personalized approach, from assessment to treatment, to guarantee you a safe and effective program that will reduce pain, increase flexibility, and improve your quality of life.