Anne-Mareike Chu, Transcendental Meditation Instructor

Anne-Mareike Chu
Anne-Mareike is a Certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (short TM) with the Vancouver Transcendental Meditation Centre, part of a non-profit organization in Canada. She teaches her clients the most practical and effective tool to manage stress, increase energy and creativity, and fully develop their mental potential.
Transcendental Meditation is powerful technique of self development that has been validated by over 50 years of research and the experiences of more than 6 million people, including thousands of celebrities, CEO’s and other professionals around the world. Anne-Mareike is dedicated to providing TM courses and services to address individual needs so that each client can learn the simple and effortless TM technique and gain maximum benefits for their professional and personal lives on a daily basis.
Anne-Mareike began the practice of TM as a Master’s student and was fascinated by the vast bodies of research supporting it. After experiencing first hand the tremendous benefits Transcendental Meditation brings both personally and professionally, Anne-Mareike is determined and passionate about bringing those benefits to her clients.
Come to a free info session and learn more about the scientifically-validated benefits, the courses, and lifetime follow-up programme in Vancouver and around the world.
Anne-Mareike Chu
TM Instructor
Transcendental Meditation Centre
C: 778-985-6492