Marcia Halajeski – Chiropractor

Marcia Halajeski - ChiropractorDr Marcia Halajeski, DC, is a licensed practitioner of chiropractic, and is here to help others be their most amazing versions of themselves.  She is based at Alaunius Integrated Medicine, located in downtown Vancouver in the Scotiabank Tower.  Her purpose in life is to align the nervous system through the power of the adjustment and soft tissue work, thereby allowing people of all walks of life to feel and be at their best by letting their bodies do the healing.   Dr. Marcia loves empowering her patients to be their most amazing versions of themselves with a focus on optimizing function and wellness and treating the primary cause of dis-ease rather than treating symptoms.  She brings with her particular specialties, involving treating a variety of conditions through Diversified adjusting technique, as well as implementing nutritional advice in with her care, and rehabilitative exercises.

Dr. Marcia is also a Full Body Certified ART (Active Release Technique) provider, certified Torque Release Technique provider, as well as certified in Mackenzie Protocol for Low Back.  Dr. Marcia loves working with people who have TMJ issues, as well as arm and shoulder challenges, and headaches, in addition to many other musculoskeletal challenges.  She also implements Activator, as well as Graston tools with a focus on soft tissue healing.

What sets Dr Marcia apart from the many other qualified chiropractors in Vancouver?  She takes the time to do a thorough history with you, answers your questions, and follows up with you immediately with care that is relevant to your getting real results.  Dr. Marcia does NOT use cookie-cutter approaches, but tailors a care plan suitable for you and your lifestyle.  Curious?  Book your free 15-minute consultation today with Dr. Marcia.


Marcia Halajeski
Alaunius Integrated Medicine
C: 604 440 1725